Smart-BUS G4

With rapid emergence of software controlled appliances, total automation is rapidly gaining momentum. The benefits of which are tremendous. With a single touch of the button you are able to configure your entire home lighting to match your mood. Even better, after a hard days' work when you come home, the hot water is ready for you while the room has been cooled down to your favourite temperature. Gone for a vacation, and worried about your home? With our most intelligent systems you are even able to control all your lighting, air conditioning, and all appliances remotely. So you're never worried about leaving the water heater or the air conditioning on. Combine that with the ability to set an Away Mode, where the lights automatically turn on and off as if people are at home, you have one less thing to worry about while on your vacation.

We have a full range of Lighting controls, Heating, Ventilation and Cooling controls, Security controls and full home distributed multimedia controls.


We offer extremely easy to use, flexible solution packaged for residential customers. Our systems can be controlled using the state of art Dynamic Display Panel or from anywhere using your Android or iOS device.

Mood lighting and dimming: Control all your different spaces, such as garden, pool, and building facade. Our system comes with an advanced scene lighting mode where you can control groups of lights instead of individual lights.

Lighting Scenes Dimming Control

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Control all your airconditioners and heaters, both centralized and individual units. This allows you to preset temperatures and timings which can be turned on and off while you're not there. This minimizes energy usage while enhancing your comfort

HVAC Control

Home security and safety: Our intelligent systems come with a wide variety of home security features like Gas leak detector, Fire alarm, Home intrusion monitoring, pool safety and many more.

Home Security Control

Motorized indoor control and gates Control: Smart systems allow you to dynamically alter the natural lighting and privacy settings in your home. Control all moving equipment right from your TV lift, curtain drapes to your motorized gates from a single control center that dynamically integrates and cohesively with the security system.

Motorized Gate Control

Distributed Audio: The Smart-G4 system allows you complete control and flexibility over your multimedia content. With just a single touch, control and play your music content right from your phone to the room you are.

Distributed Audio for Party

Video and Media: Enjoy your movies in the ultimate theatrical experience provided by our high quality home theatre systems, with extreme elegance and comfort.

Home Theater Systems


Lighting and Show control: Complete lighting control with scenes and scenarios for your entire space such as Offices, Srcades, Shops and Building facades.

Lighting and Show Control

HVAC and BMS: Control and regulate temperature and humidity levels, monitor building services status to avoid waste energy draw. All done in a simple and smart way from the centralized control center

HVAC and BMS Systems

CCTV and Security: Central Alarm monitoring and building security management with flexible programming to match your exact needs.

Security Monitoring and Control

Background Music (BGM) and Addressable Public Announcement (PA) system: Controllable background music for shops, and showrooms integrated with a full network communication and public address system.

PA System

Dynamic office motorized shading: Programmable timer and location driven office motorized drapes/blinds system help in Energy Saving and functional responsive office environment for changing conditions.

Dynamic Office

Office entry and Access monitoring: Our products cover all range of access monitoring and control solutions ranging from Parking Management to Time and Attendance to Door Access Control systems

Access Monitoring and Control

Smart Meeting Room systems:Our smart systems allow you to control the entire meeting with ease. Complete integrated solution for total Smart Office Meetig Rooms with simplified media management that include but are not limited to Moods, Projectors, Lifts, Audio, Turntables etc. Switch to presentation mode with a single touch.

Smart Office


Lighting and Show control: Programmable lighting for lobbies, Banquet halls, Restaurents, and Building facade.

Show Control

Hotel Guest Room management GRMS: The ultimate online comfort hotel guest service management solution. Control of Room lights, Air conditioner, Access, Shades, Energy, Occupancy, Services, Media etc.

Hotel Guest Management

Restaurants and Banquets Ambient Music: Stream distributed music to different areas in your Hotel or Restaurant.

Ambient Music

Banquet and Ball Room AV systems control: Control all type of lifts like Plasma, Projector and LCD, Media scalars, Switches, Light and Sound control.

Banquet and Ballroom